The Barrett Model 98B Sniper Rifles .338 Lapua Mag

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Using the extremely efficient muzzle brake for the user-adjustable butt plate, Barrett 98B is definitely visibly revolutionizing the concept of long-range precision sniper rifles.

barrett model 98b1 The Barrett Model 98B Sniper Rifles .338 Lapua Mag

Barrett technicians put out the book once they sat right down to produce a purpose-built platform for accuracy long range shooting. Even a casual viewer is able to see that the M98B hasn’t descended originating from a bolt action deer weapon.

Sketching upon Barrett’s experience designing long range sniper rifles, the Version 98B’s modular design allows the final user to evolve the rifle to adjust to their own actual needs. The straight-line model running 338 lapua mag through the muzzle into the shooter’s shoulder tames felt recoil, making the 98B a joy to shoot. Additionally, it makes it possible for faster, extra accurate follow-up shots fed through the polymer 10-round easily removed magazine.

The ergonomic gun grip positions the shooter’s hand in a perfect position, decreasing muscle fatigue and offering the most control over the totally flexible trigger. The comfortable thumb-operated safety factors are accessible with no limiting the firing grip, making it possible for the shooter to keep up a solid cheek-weld around the adjustable cheek piece when managing the oversized bolt handle, providing a fresh round within the chamber as the secure silently glides through the polymer guide.