Barrett 98 B Telescope BORS system

Barrett 98B Telescope BORS system Barrett 98 B  Telescope BORS system

Barrett 98B Telescope BORS system

Barrett guns 98 B sniper rifle together with telescope view which has BORS system placed on . 98B is a most recent product US-based company Barrett Weapons Production corporation, which has become well-known as a result of its big caliber anti-material weapons like Barrett 82.

Barrett Model 98B presents hook departure belonging to the previously company’s profile, because it is chambered for less powerful, but really accurate .338 Lapua Magnum ammo, that was specially engineered for long-range sniper and also target firing. It is a fully commited long range precision-shooting firearm, ideal for military, police force and civilian (target shooting and long range hunting) purposes.

It’s provided by the Barrett corporation like a single weapon or like a kit, including telescope sight and Barrett’s exclusive BORS system which includesprogrammable ballistic computer installed the top telescope vision, and offers shooting data about the small screen just above the telescope eyepiece.Barrett guns 98B is a manually controlled rotary bolt.

Bolt delivers solid lockup right to the gun barrel, making it possible for the top of receiver to be created from light-weight aluminium material. Bottom receiver is also produced from aluminum . Free-floating gun barrel is fluted in order to save weight and gives better cooling, and equipped with useful muzzle brake.

Trigger is fully flexible, and ambidextrous manual safety is fittingly located above the gun grip. The arm stock for amount of pull and so position cheek rest. Rifle is equipped utilizing essential Picatinny othe top receiver, together with optional short rails on both sides and at the foot of the gun barrel jacket. Feed is from polymer easily removed box magazines that keep 10 rounds of bullets. No metal sights are mounted automagically, as rifle is intended for long wide range firing using state-of-the-art optics.