Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR

Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s Precision Sniper Rifle Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSRUnited States Special Operations Command or we also known it as SOCOM was unveiled a new specification for Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) in order to accomplish the farther range length along with an acceptable weight to be carried on by any soldiers on the January 15, 2009 ago, and Barrett Model 98B was take a part on this role also. This specification contains a simple rifle requirement which needs to have a stock that either fold up, breaks, or removes without the need of any tools. It should generally have no component which longer than 40 inches and as low as 18 pounds on its weight along with a loaded five round magazine.

All accuracy proportions were going to be taken at 1.500 meters length target as well as the range of operational employment from PSR. Ten round groups were definitely measured for top to bottom dispersion, and also stopping the variable wind effects.

We all know that these PSR requirements were matched with M98B specification. But, you’ve might wondering another challenger beside M98B that had its requirements and being possibly suit with SOCOM specification for a best sniper rifles in United States. Here’s the list of them.

Barrett 98B

Barret Model 98B Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR

Barret Model 98B

This one’s might be the king of .50 caliber. Barrett Model 98B has several capabilities which are made it become a distinctive one. From it muzzle braking system which can lead to excellent recoil operations and reasonable with mild felt recoil. And also when shouldered, it conjunction with the shooter’s shoulder and the centerline axis from the bore feel.

Another thing is that Barrett Model 98B presented the polymer guides which the bolt rides on throughout its cycle. These kinds of polymer bolt guides provided for effortless bolt operation throughout the lack of lubricant.

As the lightest rifles which participated in this program, Barrett Model 98B provides the scales at a svelte 13.5 pounds while empty, which we can consider that even with a loaded five round magazine, this rifle is going to well effectively under the 18 pound threshold specified by SOCOM


SAKO TRG 42 Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR


It has the ergonomics stock and the system was simply flexible. The handling system was a compact little package that deals with any fulfillment by using a 20 inches barrel and side folding stock. This TRG-42 has an excellent job of dampening the recoil with is SureFire muzzle brake.

One thing that TRG-42 was eager for the PSR contract could be by the companion a quad rail to the forefront end within the stock. While there’s unnecessary for the primary purpose of shooting, the quad rail is the important addition for weapon used in a military sniping and also special operation purposes. It was feasible for the acquisition of infra-red sighting tools and illuminators.

Accuracy International AW 338 (AI)

AW 338 Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR

AW 338

This sniper rifle might be the rifle that firstly presented to the entire world of militaries about the marvelous .338 Lapua Magnum. Accuracy International offered the L115A3 towards the U.K Ministry of Defense (MoD) for all providers and also the weapon system that has been around in Afghanistan for several years ago. This L115A3 was play the main role as the substitution of recent L96, which is a 7.62 x 51 mm sniper rifle operating within the past 20 years that supplied by AI. Obviously, AW338 has already been widely recognized in the world sniping environment.

It features a three lug bolt which means this bolt were only required to be switched 60 degrees before it unlocks for cycling. The shorter bolt, throw demands lesser movement through the shooter to cycle the activity. And also allowing it to be much easier to keep the dependable from shot to shot and reducing the times between the next subsequent shots while stimulating multiple targets.

The chassis on this rifle were also extremely famous in the U.S too by its customized gun that develops either the Surgeon or Remington 700 action. Some important aspects on this AI AW338 were the ergonomics, light-weighted, and capability to fold the stock.


AR 30 Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR

AR 30

Beside its well-known popularity by manufacturing a good quality ARs, Armalite also presented a bolt-action rifles too which we’ve known as its AR30 while play a part within this PSR solicitation. AR30 has a fat-shaped dual lug bolt action that sets inside a V-shaped bedding block within the aluminum chassis. The stock is designed with three pieces, the fore end, grip frame and detachable butt stock.

AR30s presented a great accuracy by its Lothar Walther Chrome Moly barrel. 1:10 twist which includes the 338 Lapua Mag offered a guarantees to deal with the best possible stability and precision with both the 250 grain or even the 300 grain bullets while firing. While using the detachable butt stock and light-weighted aluminum chassis, this AR30 won’t have any difficulties or problems with its body weight or length conditions.


SIG SAUER TACTICAL 2 Barrett Model 98B and Another SOCOM’s PSR


This sniper might be another exclusive contender on PSR solicitation beside Barrett 98B. It doesn’t need a rotation to unlock the bolt by its ability to pull directly to the backside to cycle the action and locks securely in position with a 360 degree radial collet while pushed ahead into battery. This rifle is handily converted between both left and right handed shooters by its straight line pull bolt and symmetric cheek piece. The capability to rapidly switch from one caliber to the other was also another SIG SAUER TACTICAL’s unique feature too. It could swapping the bolt head and barrel so that the operator can pick the kind of .223 Remington, .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and also .338 Lapua Mag easily. This rifle’s characteristic which can deal with rapidly change barrels was a marvelous advantage for any .338 Lapua Mag rifle shooting. It made this rifle was become as distinctive as Barrett Model 98B for the world of sniping environment.