Barrett Model 98B Component


Optics and components can be attached to the aluminum top receiver, that will boasts an eighteen inch 1913 rail as regular equipment. All the ‘real estate’ makes it possible for substantial optics for being installed together with a night vision or laser designator.

98b optical  Barrett Model 98B Component

98b optical component

For the rare application which require additional installation space, an option receiver expansion is readily available to increase the rail an extra 6 inches. The forward receiver is actually drilled and utilized for extra accessory rails to be attached with the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock placements. The fluted, match-grade barrel is handily accessed to clean through the chamber by breaking the weapon open similarily as an M4 Carbine. Gun barrel cooling aided with a series of vents machined to the top receiver.

Muzzle Brake

98b muzzle brake Barrett Model 98B Component

98b muzzle brake

Built with a back monopod and frontward bipod, shooters obtain the 98B a pleasure to shoot. Soft felt recoil, the design contouring to the shooter, and simply manipulated controls improve eliminate fatigue and increase accurate shots. Shooters who’re fascinated by revolutionary design joined with long range capabilities will appreciate the 98B.

To get extreme hunting, long-range object shooting, army or cops applications, the 98B is prepared for service out of the box – which is certainly where Barrett technical engineers developed the design and style.

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