The Barrett Model Difference M98B vs M82

Barrett Model 98B bridges a major difference. Compact arms moved by most shooters need to match variables which make it possible to perform CQB objectives or interact opponent infantry throughout a battleground. Barrett achieved this because of their hard-hitting REC-7 within 6.8milimeters SPC. Then you’ve specialised marksmen that should detonate IEDs (improvised explosive devices) from your secure distance, prevent smugglers over the open water, counter vehicle threats or enter opponent snipers camouflaging behind cover. And with these situations, the Barrett .50 cal Model 82 has achieved these objectives for over 25 years.

barrett m98b vs m82 The Barrett Model Difference M98B vs M82

Barrett m98b vs m82

The Barrett Model Difference M98B vs M82. Many law enforcement officials specialists and army units have imagined of acquiring a rifle effective at hard target interdiction that’s additionally practical for anti-personnel actions.

Very competitive shooters and hunters together continue to keep find another precise rifle, or one perfect for giving effective standoff fire power in a light-weight package. Barrett provides answered with the Barrett model 98B chambered in .338 Lapua Mag.

Check the two video below by two guys conduct barret rifle shoot action to see the difference between the Barrett .338 Lapua mag 98b model with a model 82 .50 cal. And don’t forget, raise up your audio volume for great firing experience.

Barrett M98B .338 Lapua Mag

Barrett M82 .50 Cal