Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD)

RIfle Barret MRAD Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD)

RIfle Barret MRAD

According to new U.S SOCOM specification for PSR, Barrett presented another proper sniping gun beside rifle Barrett M98 only. It’s Barrett Multi-Role Adaptive Design (MRAD), the company launched this sniper rifle firstly on April 2010 at its first stage of the military firearms’ trial. With its capability of changeable barrel system, and also finely detailed grade barrel that can removed easily by loosen out the screw on each two bolts using a simply common Torx wrench.


Barrett MRAD was also offers a new trigger element that might used with conveniently for modification, maintenance, and upgrading purposes. This trigger was all to use for any combat needs readily and also steadily. This rifle Barrett stock is foldable for improved portability, yet it hardly locked just like a fixed stock rifle.  Both left and right hand operated shooters can simply examine the thumb operated safety. While any shooters keeps at firing action or cheek weld position, they wouldn’t worry at all now because the magazine was set at the proper system so it works extremely well without taking any effort. Barret MRAD was composed of a polymer which contains of the temperature resistant, the modifiable cheek piece also provides a steady consistent rifle to user contact point.

The Shooting Skill

As we know before, Barrett rifle MRAD as a brotherly model of Barrett M98 was build specifically to meet up with the goals of PSR program. MRAD includes a set of U.S SOCOM prerequisites such as make the optimal possibilities to doing several shots to negate enemy personnel, all kind of positions, and also for non technical military vehicles which contain or mounted with armed crew on it on about 1.500 meters length and even further. For your information, this sledgehammer rifle Barrett was effective for busting the NIJ Level III body armor at the 900 meters length.

Rifle Barret MRAD Specifications Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD)

Rifle Barrett MRAD with .338 Lapua Mag