Newly Acquired Barrett 98 B

When given the possibility to fire the Barrett 98 distinct large caliber rifles on an exclusive variety, I was like a youngster on Christmas morning. As I was shooting among the rich and famous, an NHL person approached me as well as offered me a possiblity to test fire their newly acquired Barrett Model 98B.

Although, I was informed about the .50 caliber Barretts, this rifle I can honestly say I’d never heard of before. It is chambered in 338 Lapua Magnum - a more developed long-range caliber and major game hunting round-and myself being a .338 enthusiast, enjoyably accepted the offer.

The barrett model 98b is a handsome bolt-action that also bears the air regarding Barrett expense. Its owner has been quite proud of this and admitted that he’d only had it with regards to a week and used to be getting used to it (go through as: inexperienced shooter using expensive gun who wishes to shoot with the professionals of this exclusive team). Being a fan of bolt weapons, I sat lower at a bench along with sighted across the sand bags.

From this point ahead, I was disappointed. I ended up being told it stood a 400 meter zero and according to its ballistics graph I was able to mentally calculate my holds for the shorter focuses on. Turns out it was rarely zeroed at all and I invested the better part of 1 hour helping the new operator get a true actually zero. Once that was accomplished, after solving the problem of the loose scope install, we were able to squash out about a One MOA group.

Even with more tinkering and fine adjusting and acquiring a number of higher quality ammunition, I’d expect so very far more out of this rather pricey rifle. I’m not saying it’s an undesirable fire arm, I’m only under-impressed with it considering the rest of the fine Barrett products I’d been exposed to.

While this firearm had been significantly lighter as opposed to Model 82 and also Model 95, still had the degree associated with “Barrett heft.” It was not mild, but it wasn’t the strong battle tank with the other two. Its recoil had been negligible making it all to easy to keep on target with regard to chambering for the second chance.

I could see barrett 98 receiving a nice camouflage clothing color pattern involving maybe a Mossy Oak Obsession or Brush design. The attached bipod is very useful, and it is easy to work. The magazine did have to be toyed with at first that i’m not convinced presently there won’t be long-term problems with this (I predict a redesign in the future).

For the hunter who doesn’t thoughts carrying a heavy weapon, this barrett 98 could be a great long-range weapon for shooting elk from mountain peak to a different or dangerous game like bear as well as lion from a distance; nevertheless I am not convinced that it would be easily allowed through customs traveling in another country. It would be an easy goal for a desirous under developed official.

I would finest compare this round compared to that of a .300 Winchester Magnum or maybe a 7mm Magnum because it has equivalent recoil, similar accuracy and other performance. I give this rifle three superstars and will hope to arrive at fire this one yet again in the future to re-evaluate it. I am hesitant to state it is a superior tack-driver, however maybe with some function and different choices within optics and ammunition it can be.