Nightforce Tactical for Barret 98B

Are you looking for rifle scope that presents highest possible lucidity or visual clearness within the high quality resolution throughout the entire magnification range for your Barrett 98B? This one might be your perfect choice for it. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56mm essentially the most reliable field tactical scopes that ever made, the wide magnification point from 5.5-22 types makes it possible for precision accuracy along the longest distances range, though on 5.5 power remains high impressive for shots at near ranges too. Nightforce fulfill the needs of long range shooters and hunters by mixing up efficiency and advancement in a rifle scopes without lowering any sturdiness, stability, and the quality when it mounted on amazing sniper rifle like 98B.

Nightforce Rifle Scopes for Barrett 98B Nightforce Tactical for Barret 98B

Nightforce scopes are definitely the finest and most excellent rifle scopes that ever made, and it will suited correctly with the excellent sniper rifle like 98B also. It designed for anyone who expect on minimum failures and repeatable capability while shooting. Its wide magnification and range that combined with a large display view along with four inches of eye reliefs and 100 M.O.A elevation operated made this one become the top choice for long range shooting with difficult target acquisition. For any .50 BMG rifle especially for Barrett 98B, this range of magnification and internal realignment was possible to accomplish the target at 2,000 yard mark with accuracy. Night force scopes proven the new standards for performance when they first showed these scopes, and in addition they keep on being the benchmark by means of which any other scopes are measured.

The Spec :

5.5-22×56 NXS
5.5-22 x
Objective Diameter:
56 mm
Exit Pupil Diameter:
Field of View:
Eye Relief (mm):
Internal Adjustment Range:
100moa elev., 60moa wind
Click Value (moa):
Tube Diameter (mm):
Ocular Diameter (mm):
Mounting Length (mm):
Weight (oz):
Overall Length:

The High-End Rifle Scopes

This Nightforce general size and shape puts it into the large classification of rifle scope, although not overly large just as the Premier Reticle Heritage scope. When setting up a scope towards the military and law enforcement sniping community with Barrett 98B, that isn’t renowned for being tender with this related equipment. You might have to generate a solid and strong scope that involves some size to be added. The cylinder tube can be described as 30mm tube machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. And Nightforce has claimed that it’s really two or three times thicker than the usual rifle scope. Obviously, it indicates that it’s also a single tube which features a fine matte black anodized finish that has been evenly used or implemented over the whole rifle scope. Nightforce shows up with being quite thick and rugged than the other. The entire shape and model is satisfying also, it was regarding on what you would be expecting from a well properly designed of a top quality scope.

Zero Stop

When you came up in a choice of the battlefield or out for just a hunt, having the scope zeroed in was very important. Not just for safety only, but in addition for that any once in a lifetime single shot also. Come up with a significant adjustment to your Nightforce’s elevation configuring and returning your zero setting might be extremely difficult job, particularly in fast paced or moving and difficult situations.

Well, there’s Nightforce Zero Stop that would uses for an accurately machined internal stop that won’t shift, switch, or loosen up. The Zero Stop technology systems was specially designed at the demand of Tier One U.S military forces at the beginning, and now it has been verified in the field within the most difficult condition and giving you a safety operation for aiming a target in every battlefield with your 98B.

The scope is very effective and almost everything falls into place considering that it should as well as the optical overall spectacular performance, it make this one globally known as the best rifle scopes. The Nightforce NXS 5.5 22x56mm was compared very beneficially than the other advanced scopes together with its direct attention to durability. Nightforce has formulated a rugged highly accurate with great performing scope together, and it was nice combination to any .50 BMG rifles such a Barrett 98b.

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