Silent Strike for Barrett Model 98B

We know that shooting action would create a big noisy “Bang!!” sound after firing, also for a high-class sniper rifle like Barrett Model 98B. Some people would like to looks for sound reducer or we also called it suppressor for getting more conveniently while shooting or for any purposes, but we’d usually found a hard way for choosing the proper device that match with our rifle or gun. A suppressor is a complement device or equipment mounted or a component that stick on the barrel of rifle which minimizes the volume of noises and flash that created by shooting the rifle.

A silencer or suppressor was usually shaped as a metal cylinder with essential systems to lowering the noise sound of firing by reducing the escaping gas form propellant and in some cases by reducing the velocity rate of the bullet.

If you were a die-hard Barrett Model 98B, feel no worries about it now. Here are two recommended suppressor that might suit with this rifle for fulfill your needs of convenient noise.

AAC Titan Suppressor

AAC TITAN Suppressor for Barrett Model 98B Silent Strike for Barrett Model 98B

AAC TITAN Suppressor for Barrett Model 98B

This Suppressor produced in order to current requirements, it significantly reduces recoil and shows improvements with accuracy and reliability on rifles chambering the formidable .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. With it new patent, fast attach Ratchet-Mount, AAC is designed with a tight interface for advanced long range hit possibility with minimal and repeatable zero shift. By generating the fast attach version, shooter is able to take off the silencer through the muzzle brake within a few moments in aven the toughest military condition. AAC TITAN’s durability is obtained by its incorporation from a pending patent monolithic Hyposone TM baffle component and extremely full CNC automated mix of welding structure which could make the taming inside the great .338 Lapua Mag cartridge possibly.

The reduction of 98% muzzle reported nullifies the demand for ear protection, minimizes about 60& of the recoil which could keeps fields communications as well, and masks the positioning of the shooter without getting detected by the noise firing sound. The back pressure lowering style of the suppressor would support any shooter comfortableness and decreases the fouling from their weapon. With Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) technology, this AAC suppressor is commonly used to make sure the precise bore alignment to further additional advance accuracy.

YHM .338 Phantom .MTS

YHM .338 Phantom Suppressor for Barrett Model 98B Silent Strike for Barrett Model 98B

YHM .338 Phantom Suppressor for Barrett Model 98B

YHM or Yankee Hill Machine Co, in association along with Sound technologies, is providing YHM suppressor which called Phantom .338 Sound Suppression System. The verified performance of YHM Phantom Flash Hider was going well for minimizes the muzzle flash while the Sound Technologies baffle structure reducing muzzle noise approximately -28 dB. Just like AAC, the fast attach model was enables you to mount the muzzle brake and subsequently install the sound suppressor without using any kind of tools when the sound suppression needed, perpetually.

The system supports the sound suppressor safely and securely in place by tightening it with hand and also possible for manual remove. A patented and verified gas seal keeps the threads clean to ensure the suppressor won’t bind at all, and make the removal job become an effortless task for even the complex Barrett Model 98 B sniper rifle. The muzzle brake is capable of supporting the sound suppressor in two places that could make misalignment become almost impossible, even when the sound suppressor isn’t completely tightened.

These all two suppressor would make your Barrett Model 98B became a very comfortable and also a silently spectacular sniper rifle.

Barrett Model 98B using AAC TITAN Suppressor

Barrett Model 98B using YMH Phantom .338 MTS